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Request – Stronger (Remixed)

More remixes of Kanye’s smash hit of Stronger. Sexy sexy. I’ve also posted 30 Seconds to Mars’s almost acoustic BBC Radio Live cover of the song. If you haven’t heard it, download it for’shizz cause it’s soo good. Very intense, just listen for the lyric differences. It’s hilarious. Enjoy!

I should probably note that all of these remixes are excellent 🙂

Stronger (Red Foxxworth Remix) / DOWNLOAD
Stronger (A-Track Remix) / DOWNLOAD
Stronger (Mano X Remix) / DOWNLOAD
Stronger (Diplo Work Is Never Over) / DOWNLOAD
Stronger (30 Seconds to Mars Cover) / DOWNLOAD


Written by TSR

December 8, 2007 at 2:54 am