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WORK.SMASH.FIX.DIE – Freekstyler

Mon ami Freekstyler (The guy who did Love Me or Do It and Way I Are (Funtastik’s Ayo Techshow)) just finished a project that he had been working on for a while. This is what he has to say: “My redefining mix is a five-minute mash featuring song elements from the following artists:

Boys Noize
Britney Spears
Nicole Scherzinger
Kanye West / Daft Punk
Justin Timberlake
Soulja Boy
& The SAW Movie Theme.

I guarantee you’ve never heard shit like this.”
Leave comments with your feedback. Enjoy! Oh, and right-click “Save-As” to download these ones.



Crank That Soulja Boy

I pretty much just stole these all from (check it ouuuut. great site) anyway, this stuff was too good not to post. Download the Pop Rawkus and Dave Nada fo sho. The rest are great too. Yeeeeeee.

Scratch that, I like the Cousin Cole Mix the best.

Crank That (Supaman) (Original Version) / DOWNLOAD
Crank That (Cousin Cole Remix) / DOWNLOAD
Crank That (Dave Nada Mix) / DOWNLOAD
Crank That (Juke Jams Remix) / DOWNLOAD
Crank That (Pop Rawkus Remix) / DOWNLOAD

Crank it up fo sho.

Written by TSR

October 4, 2007 at 1:28 am

Posted in Soulja Boy